Students scoring good marks in science stream at the 10+2, can explore some of the following options in Engineering at the undergraduate level. Find a list of top and best engineering courses after 12th class, 10+2 std like mechanical, civil, electrical, telecommunication, electronics, computer, aircraft, automobile engineering courses etc.

List of best courses after graduation for engineering students, in engineering stream in India section

◙  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
◙  B.E. Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering
◙  B.E. Aeronautical Engineering
◙  B.E. Applied Marine Information Technology and Communication
◙  B.E. Bio-Medical Engineering
◙  B.E. Chemical Engineering
◙  B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
◙  B.E. Mechanical Engineering
◙  B.E. Petroleum and off-shore Engineering
◙  B.E. Computer Science & Engineering
◙  B.E. Marine Engineering
◙  B.E. Hons Manufacturing
◙  B.E. Hons Mechanical
◙  B.E. Agriculture Engineering
◙  B.E. Mechatronics Engineering
◙  B.E. Biomedical Engineering
◙  B.E. Petrochemical Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Aero Space Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Automobile Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Bio-technology
◙  B.Tech. Bioinformatics
◙  B.Tech. Dairy Technology
◙  B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Information Technology
◙  B.Tech. Electronics & Telecommunications
◙  B.Tech. Mining Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Paint Tech.
◙  B.Tech. Instrumentation & Control Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Textile Technology
◙  B.Tech. H in Manufacturing Science and Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Aerospace Engg.+ M.Tech.-Avionics Dual Degree
◙  B.Tech. Applied Mechanics
◙  B.Tech. Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Civil Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Materials Science
◙  B.Tech. Production Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Ceramic Engineering
◙  B.Tech. Polymer Technology
◙  B.Tech. Printing Technology